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101 Things to do in Durban for under R101.00 (under $15.00)

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81]. Watch a game of cricket at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead.
Kingsmead is a 25 000-seater stadium located within walking distance of Durban’s famed Indian Ocean shoreline. Now home to the Nashua Dolphins, games are played regularly during the summer season and Castle Corner is a superb place to watch the Boxing Day Test!
82]. Rollerblade on the promenade.
If you own a pair of rollerblades, put them to use by blading along the promenade.  The Durban beachfront has a paved promenade which is perfect for an evening rollerblading session.
83]. Try on an Indian Sari.
Indian clothing is known for its colorfulness and grace. Traditional outfits for women such as the sari bring out the essence of femininity. The sari is a rectangular piece of cloth, five to six yards in length. The material can be cotton, silk or synthetic and is used during Indian ceremonies. The sari reveals the woman’s midriff and belly button and is worn with a ‘choli’. The choli is a tightly fitted short blouse. Many Indian women wear saris as their everyday dress, with very ornate saris for special occasions. Head to the Victoria Street Market to view and try on these beautiful garments.
84]. Watch the end of the Hansa Powerade Dusi Canoe Marathon.
The Hansa Powerade Dusi Canoe Marathon is South Africa's biggest and most prestigious canoeing event.  Paddlers start the marathon in Pietermaritzburg and the event ends 3 days later at the Umgeni River mouth.
85]. Visit the Durban Art Gallery.
The gallery has a fine collection of national & international artworks in all media, focusing on contemporary South African artwork. They can be found at 2nd floor, City Hall, Smith Street.
86]. Catch the Ricksha Bus.
Simply hop on and off the bus anywhere along the route and explore the beachfront at your leisure.
87]. Visit King Goodwill Zwelethinis homestead at Umbelebeleni.
The current king is a direct descendant of Shaka and combines a western sophistication with a revival in Zulu culture and traditions. He was born on 27th July, 1948 and has lived through and ruled over his people during the darkest days of oppression and Apartheid. He has now become the first Zulu King to serve Zulus in a free, democratic, non-racial South African society headed by a Black Government. The praise names of the King are called out early in the morning. 
88]. Watch the South African Open Tennis tournament at West Ridge Park.
The reborn event, which was considered second only to the four Grand Slam tournaments during the halcyon years of South African tennis in the 1970s, has been re-launched at the Westridge Stadium in Durban as a Challenger tournament on the ATP circuit.
89]. Fly a kite on the beach.
Try your skill at flying a kite on the beach! Its more difficult than it looks.
If you dont own your own kite, buy a cheap and cheerful plastic version at one of the beachfront shops and try it out on the beach. Be careful to not get it tangled in the fishing lines! Lots of fun for kids of all ages and a great afternoon out!
90]. Eat a Flake 99 on the beach.
After you've tried out your new kite, buy a Flake 99 from the icecream van and eat it sitting on the sand.  Who needs Haagen Dazs!

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